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This is where requirements gathering usually gets complex . . . . .

Whoever your stakeholders are, be it Senior Management or external Regulatory bodies, the real requirements are always more complex than they first appear.  But where can you capture the detailed, complex requirements in a structured, traceable format?  Using ALLATUS UNITY®, we can capture these complexities in our rules.

We’ve been busy . . . .

Over the last 9 months or so we’ve been working with our Partners and Beta Clients on refining ALLATUS UNITY® features and functionality, it’s been hard work but great to get the tool out there and used on real projects.


We have now launched our revamped website that includes a video giving an overview of the ALLATUS UNITY® solution.  Thanks to Elastic Creative for their great work on this.

Smart Funding

Allatus has recently received approval from Scottish Enterprise on an application for SMART funding.  This funding will allow research into the feasibility of automating the delivery of regulatory reporting.