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Allatus Unity® is a collaborative software tool that helps organisations define reporting requirements and map them to standardised, rationalised, source data assets.

Allatus Unity® optimises requirements analysis for reporting and business intelligence projects realising productivity benefits and provides a reporting and data taxonomy that helps avoid regulatory penalties.

Allatus Unity® is a collaborative data understanding tool that helps organisations establish reporting requirements and trace them to standardized, modelled and source data assets.

Allatus Unity® optimises the business analysis and data management processes realising productivity benefits and avoiding regulatory penalties.

A quicker and more efficient way to capture and reuse knowledge about data

The data large organisations hold is one of their biggest assets – but knowledge about that data and how it used for reporting  is often held in people’s heads or unmanaged spreadsheets. Allatus Unity® is one secure, searchable framework, accessible to your team regardless of location that has the potential to realise huge productivity benefits for an organisation.

Allatus Unity® greatly accelerates your requirements analysis stage

Using our 80+ years knowledge of financial reporting and data architecture, we have created a game-changing tool which puts you firmly in control of your business analysis and data management processes. Allatus Unity® is designed for cloud hosting or implementation on an organisation’s infrastructure.


By focusing on capturing and reusing data knowledge, Allatus Unity® builds a detailed knowledge base of an organisation’s data and how it is used.


Retain data knowledge within your organisation.
Navigate from Report to Business Glossary to Data Model to Source System Data and vice versa.


This knowledge can then be exploited widely, providing functional specifications, business data lineage, data usage heatmaps, analyst productivity dashboards and change impact understanding.

The Business Benefits

  • Save over 50% of your Change and IT spend

  • Avoid regulatory penalties

  • Provide full transparency and traceability from requirement to source system

  • Apply consistent, repeatable methodology

  • Stop reinventing the wheel - reuse

About Us

ALLATUS was established during 2011 by the 3 co-founders, each with 25  years plus experience working in Financial Services. The co-founders have observed first hand the problems faced by large organisations in developing regulatory reporting and management information solutions.  The Allatus team are practitioners, we understand the problem and aim for Allatus Unity® to become the tool of choice for Reporting Requirements Analysis.


Our specialists have gained significant experience in financial services, and have either specialised in regulatory compliance, accountancy and/or data architecture/management. Our Data Specialists cover:

  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Modelling
  • Source Data Analysis and Mapping
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Quality
  • Metadata Management